Feeding Hamster Food

Hamsters are omnivorous but predominantly vegetarian. Pet Hamsters must have access to good hamster food and clean water 24-7.

Because you love your pet you are going to give them good wholesome hamster food and some treats.

Proprietary pet shop hamster food from a packet is a good basis for your hamster but that is just the start.

On top of that we give our boys and girls hamsters fresh vegetable matter in the shape of broccoli, cucumber end apple regularly, also fruit like blueberries which you can read more about at Petsium.com.

We have found they particularly like the seeds and the pithy centre from a sweet pepper.

We give them seasonal treats as well. An occasional lettuce leaf in summer. Uncooked sweet chestnut cut in two in autumn. Half a small Brussels sprout or a quarter of a dried fig at Christmas.

They are reputed to eat mealworms and other small insects.

Now for what you shouldn’t give your hamster.

Do not feed your hamster: salty foods like crisps or roasted peanuts, sugary things like sweets or toffee popcorn or spicy things like onion, garlic or chillies. These will make your hamster ill.

Do not give your pet hamster anything to drink except, clean, fresh water.

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