Teaching name recognition in dogs

Teaching your dog to recognize their name is important. Why? So you can connect with them and establish a relationship with them. Your dog is your pet, it is not just some animal unless you don’t care about them, it is recommended that your dog is taught to recognize their name. The easiest way to teach a dog, whether a puppy or an old dog, their name is through the conditioning method.

Positive reinforcement training is not just for dog names . It can also be used for teaching your dog other skills and tricks. It is also a good way to bond with your dog and to establish not a master-dog relationship but a friendship. Believe me, it will do you good in the long run if your dog recognizes his name and he feels that you are his friend rather than his master.

One of the important things in teaching name recognition is your dog’s name. Dog names should not be just an ornament of your dog. Dog names have meanings and purposes and you can find more information about that on Dognamehero.com. Dog names are not meant to just be a display on the paperworks. Dog names become identities of your dogs. And dog names can be used to establish your dog’s personality. This can be done through conditioning.

Training sessions need to fun and enriching for both the owner and the dog to make sure that it will be successful. The concept in training name recognition is to make your dog remember that their name means something good is bound to happen.

Dog treats are helpful in encouraging the conditioned behavior. Clickers and positive verbal indicators are also helpful. For example, say their name and positive verbal indicator or use a clicker, let them look at you, then give them a treat. Wait for a few seconds then repeat the steps. Do this throughout the day.

After a few sessions, your dog will begin to associate the sound of their name with the treat you gave them. You need to do the exercise in different situations to train them to recognize their name at all times. Do this while you are walking them, or playing with them. It is important not to confuse your dog by using their name with a punishment or an angry tone. This will void your conditioning as the dog will get confused. They will stop and think what will happen next, a good thing or a bad one.

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