The Advantages of Air Freight Services

When you think of the advantages of air freight versus other methods of delivery, speed is what generally comes to mind. When it comes to delivery times, air definitely has the upper hand over shipping by truck or cargo ship. The flip side to the speed coin is the cost, however, since rising fuel costs can greatly affect the shipping charges from one week to the next.

If you work with China and need delivery of goods in USA or another countries, air freight can be the best solution, and worth the extra costs with the time savings. Shipping both inside your country’s borders and around the world, there is no limit to the locations you can reach. Most services have convenient drop off locations, or you can even schedule a pick up right at your door.

Additional charges may be incurred when shipping globally, such as export fees, customs, and other criteria set by the receiving country. A majority of air freight services offer what is known as a forwarding service, which takes care of all the legal and delivery aspects of your packages. This saves you the headache of trying to deal with foreign ports when your package arrives, and gives you tracking options so you know where your package is at all times.

Reliable transport of your cargo is yet another advantage to using air freight services from China to USA. A wide variety of air freight from China to USA options are available. Air cargo shipping is a very safe, reliable service in the hands of an experienced shipping company, so you can count on your packages to arrive on time and without incident.

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